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{{'TT_TITLE' | translate}}

{{'TT_DIGIT' | translate}} {{'TT_FORMAT' | translate}}

{{'TT_TIMEZONE' | translate}} {{turtle.timezone}}

{{'TT_NOTIF_MINUTES' | translate}}:
{{'TT_NOTIF_SOUND' | translate}}

Incorrect? Let me know.


Will you keep updating it?

This site automatically updates itself. Source code here.

Do I need to leave the page open?


Notifications not supported?

Notifications do not work via browser on iOS/Android. I will need to release a native app for that.

Calendar not working on iOS?

Calendars cannot be directly imported from a browser on iOS. You can get around this by downloading it on your computer and emailing it to yourself.

Your translations in German/Spanish are wrong.

Please tell me the corrections since I'm using Google Translate for these.